Why should I choose custom casing/cabinet work vs retail vendor suppliers?

Every house is different. Even new homes have unique requirements to correctly install your cabinets. DMC Cabinets has over 20 years of experience installing residential and commercial cabinets in all types of environments.

Do I have to install an entire kitchen or bathroom to contract your company?

No. DMC Cabinets can do any or all portions of an install project. New casework, modifying for special needs or even repairing of old cabinets is not a problem. DMC Cabinets can even complete work that was not finished by another vendor.

Can you match the cabinet finish to the style in my home?

Yes. DMC Cabinets is capable of producing any wood finish or style that our customer desires. Change the look of your existing house style or exact matching, whichever end result you want.

Do I need a separate company to perform counter top installation after DMC Cabinets installs the casing?

No. Customer counter top installation is one of the many specialization services provided by DMC Cabinets. Bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment area countertops are customizable to our clients needs or desires.

Can DMC Cabinets handle large commercial jobs? 

Yes. DMC Cabinets has been working in the commercial and residential market for over 20 years. Many of the commercial business projects that we have completed you probably visit weekly or even daily.

Commercial Interior Layout by DMC Cabinets